Mot Juste: A Celebration of Text and Language In Contemporary Visual Arts


Textual features contemporary artists employing letters and words within the visual art context to convey satirical humor, voice political opinion, question linguistic meaning, and examine communication.

The pieces on view represent a diverse range of iconic word-based arrangements, including a desktop calendar, diary entries, movie script and Chinese scrolls. They also reference such specific texts as the U.S. Constitution, New York Times and authored books. All are integrated with an array of artistic mediums from fine art prints, painting on paper and collage to installation art, aerial sculpture and video art.

Artists: Cui Fei (New York, NY), Alex Gingrow (Brooklyn, NY), Shanti Grumbine (New Paltz, NY), Bang-Guel Han (Potsdam, NY), Sujin Lee (Korea and Queens, NY), Michael Scoggins (Brooklyn), Amanda Tiller (New York), Sam Winston (London, England) and a work held in the Union College Permanent Collection by William Powhida (Brooklyn).

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