Taiwanese Avant-Garde: Complex Art in the 1960s (台灣前衛:六O年代複合藝術)

Author: LAI Yingying(賴瑛瑛)
Editor: WU Mali(吳瑪俐)

This book provides an overview of the avant-garde complex art movement in Taiwan during the 1960s. Background of the post-war cultural environment in Taiwan, development of the avant-garde movement, review of key exhibitions, as well as introduction to key artists are provided. Bibliography, chronology, and index are also included.

Location Code: REF.LYY2
Language: Chinese - Traditional
Published by: Yuan-Liou Publishing Co., Ltd. | 遠流出版事業股份有限公司 (Taipei - Taiwan)
Year of Publication: 2003
No. of Pages: 252
ISBN: 957324960X