Four Artists Tell It Like It Is

When 8 Oct 2010
9:00PM - 11:00PM
Where Grace Exhibition Space
840 Broadway 2/F
New York, NY 11206
United States

Courtesy of the Mongkol Plienbangchang and Grace Exhibition Space NY

Friday October 8 2010, 9-11pm

Press Release:


About the Artists:

LEE WEN has been exploring different strategies of time-based and performance art since 1989. His work has been strongly motivated by social investigations as well as inner psychological directions using art to interrogate stereotypical perceptions of culture and society. He is a contributing factor in The Artists Village alternative in Singapore and had been participating in Black Market international performance collective.  For Lee Wen’s ‘The Future of Imagination’ website, please click here.

MONGKOL PLIENBANGCHANG is a painter, poet and performance artist from Thailand who has performed since 1995. He is part of ASIATOPIA’s committee and has always been involved in art & social movements groups. His performances are usually very intense, mostly dealing with political sphere of Thai politics and Global situations. He has published 2 books of his drawings and poems ‘Inner & Outer’ and ‘the Man numbers Zero’ He has performed in many performance art events & festival, both in Thailand and around Asia.

He has performed in many performance art events & festival, both in Thailand and around asia. He has performances in Japan,Australia,Indonesia,Hong Kong,Macau,Korea,Myanmar,The Phillipines,Vietnam and China.He also participated in Poland’s International art festival ‘Interakje’ at Piatrkow trybunalski and the 8th OPEN International Performance art festival in Beijing, China.  For Asiatopia, please click here.

ARAI SHIN-ICHI :ARAI lives and works in Tokyo. He has a B.A. in Chinese Modern Literature from Metropolitan University of Tokyo under Mr.llKURA Shohei.Later he majored in printmaking (Intaglio/Copper printing) from 1981 to 1987 under ex Mr.YOSHIDA Katsuro (Mono-ha group).

He also began experimenting in sound, voice and language performance actions since 1982. As a Japan Overseas Cooperative Volunteer he taught at Nyumba ya Sanaa Art school in Zanzibar, Tanzania 1992-94 where he experienced various insights into the relationship between culture and politics in contemporary society. This led to his radical social-political performances today. In his raw and direct style, ARAI’s body appears as a site of social tension presented with humor yet biting criticism. Often exposing the conservative and xenophobic cultural tendencies and contradictions in global and local situations. Besides performing regularly in Japan, ARAI has also presented his works internationally and especially in China such as Hong Kong, Guangzhou, Xian, Chengdu, Changchun, and Beijing.  For Arai’s website, please click here.

CHAW EI THEIN is a performance artist, painter and sculptor. She has been making performance art for years, and I first saw her at the NiPAF – Japan International Performance Art Festival – in 2006. Her work deals with her life experiences, especially her feelings towards her home country. In “Transformed Conversation”, a two person exhibition, New York based artist Brad Darcy and Burma based artist Chaw Ei Thein explored the artist’s self conscious role in the engagement of social and political issues, and the responsibility to communicate perspectives on an aesthetic level.  For Chaw Ei Thein website, please click here.

This event is supported by the National Arts Council of Singapore.

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