A Guidebook to Tsuyoshi Ozawa’s World

Author: Tsuyoshi Ozawa

Following the concept of a tourist guidebook, the present monograph of Japanese artist Tsuyoshi Ozawa leads to the various projects initiated by the artist from 1992-2000 including the establishment of a number of Museums of Soya Sauce Art in Japan, the founding of the smallest gallery in the world, the Nasubi Gallery, and the founding of the University of Sodan Art which ran for 1 year, from 1995-1996. There are also other ‘tourist information’, providing readers with a more in-depth study of the artist: accompanying essays, highlights of other projects and activities, an interview with Tsuyoshi Ozawa, and an artist biography.

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Location Code: MON.OZT
Language: English, Japanese
Published by: Isshi Press (Tokyo)
Year of Publication: 2001
No. of Pages: 128
ISBN: 4900398373