A History of China Modern Art 1979-1989/中國現代藝術史 1979-1989

Author: Lu Peng/呂澎

Written by Lu Peng and Yi Dan, the present publication is the first of its kind to be published in China. It examines the development of art in China against the social and cultural background in the period 1979-1989, as well as providing an introduction to the debates on art in the critical circle. A chronology of events is included in the back.

ARTISTS: CHEN Danqing, 陳丹青, CHENG Conglin, 程叢林, DING Fang, 丁方, FU Zhongwang, 傅中望, GENG Jianyi, 耿建翌, GU Wenda, 谷文達, HE Duoling, 何多苓, HUANG Yong Ping, 黃永砅, Leishi Huahui, 磊石畫會, LI Luming, 李路明, LU Shengzhong, 呂勝中, LUO Zhongli, 羅中立, MAO Xuhui, 毛旭輝, MENG Luding, 孟祿丁, PAN Dehai, 潘德海, SHANG Yang, 尚揚, SHI Benming, 施本銘, SHU Qun, 舒群, The Pond Society, 池社, Tribe ∙ Tribe, 部落 ∙ 部落, WANG Guangyi, 王廣義, WEI Guangqing, 魏光慶, WU Shanzhuan, 吳山專, XIA Xiaowan, 夏小萬, XU Bing, 徐冰, YE Yongqing, 葉永青, ZHANG Peili, 張培力, ZHANG Xiaogang, 張曉剛

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Location Code: REF.LUP
Language: Chinese
Published by: Hunan Fine Arts Publishing House | 湖南美術出版社, Changsha, China
Year of Publication: 1992
ISBN: 7535604781 / 9787535604781