A Journal of the Plague Year: Continental Fear, Islands, Ghosts, Rebels

Author: KIM Hyunjin(김현진), Yongwoo LEE, Inti GUERRERO, James T. HONG, Cosmin COSTINAS, HYO Gyoung Jeon
Editor: KIM Hyunjin(김현진), Inti GUERRERO, Cosmin COSTINAS, HYO Gyoungjeon

This publication is produced as a catalogue of the touring group exhibition of the same title held at Arko Art Center, Seoul, from August to November 2014.

Originally curated by and held at Para Site, Hong Kong, ‘A Journal of the Plague Year’ explores two significant events that happened in Hong Kong in 2003: the outbreak of the highly dangerous epidemic SARS, and the sudden death of Hong Kong pop icon Leslie Cheung. The exhibition sets out to bring to the fore a critical discussion about recent history that not only originated but also extended beyond Hong Kong and medicine. Central to the narratives explored by the exploration is the one of fear and anxiety. Projects developed by artists from various cultural backgrounds and generations take on the theme of fear and look at other related issues, such as the heightened tension between mainland China and Hong Kong, Leslie Cheung as a pan-Asian icon and the aftermath of the loss of him, and the anxiety held within societies in Asia as a result of historico-political transitions.

The exhibition has been expanded for its installation at Arko Art Center. While the main focus remains at Hong Kong, it also includes works that look into small islands which have in recent years become sites of conflicts between Asian countries for matters of sovereign territories, an issue that have become commonplace across the continent of Asia.

Includes artists’ biographies and installation views.

Please note that only Asian artists are indexed.

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Organizer: Arko Art Center | 아르코미술관, Para Site
Venue: Arko Art Center | 아르코미술관 (Seoul - South Korea)
Location Code: EX.KOR.JPY
Language: English, Korean
Published by: Arko Art Center | 아르코미술관 (Seoul - South Korea)
Year of Publication: 2014
No. of Pages: 206
ISBN: 978-89-6583-047-4