A Short-Story on Forgetting and Remembering

Author: Jun Yang

“A short-story …” was one of the trigger to move to taipei and the first work on film – it is of all the works the closest thing and the closest story I (ever) wanted to tell.
The film was shot entirely at night, following the protagonist walking around a city, climbing up roof-tops – watching, observing, witnessing the city and its night-scape; a narrator’s voice tells a story on ‘implanted memories’.
What is real, what imagined, projected or implanted: of a person, a city, a nation. Memory and history embellished, the margin between reality and fiction disappears.
“A Short-Story on Forgetting and Remembering” refers to the construction of history and identity – of a person, a city or a nation.
Filmed with Super16mm in Taipei in 2007.
It marks the beginning of a trilogy on memory together with “Norwegian Woods” and “Seoul Fiction”.
2013: Disturbances in the Structure, Art Today Association for Contemporary Art, Plovdiv (BG)
2012: Gwangju Bienniale, Gwangju (KR)
2011: Cinema Alley (screening), 4A Centre for Contemporary Asian Art Sydney (AU)
2010: A Short-Story on Forgetting and Remembering, ShugoArts, Tokyo (JP) – solo
Open Light in Privates Spaces – 1st Biennial for Int. Light Art; European Capital of Culture Ruhr 2010 (DE)
2010 Cinema, Vitamin Creative Space, Guangzhou (CN)
Looking Through Film: Traces of Cinema and Self-constructs in Contemporary Art, OCAT Contemporary Art Terminal, Shenzhen (CN)
2009: Platform09 in Kimusa, Samuso: and Artsonje Center, Kimusa (Former Defense Ministry), Seoul (KR)
2008: LIAF08- Lofoten International Art Festival, Lofoten Islands (NO)
2007: City Fables, Taipei City Arts Council, Taipei (TW)





Super 16mm film transferred to HD

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Venue: Taiwan
Location Code: AV.YAJ.ASS
Language: English with Chinese subtitle
Year of Publication: 2007