Act II: Hum Logos

Author: CAMP

Hum Logos is a film based on the Radia Tap(e)s. These recordings have been described as essential listening for anyone wanting to be a journalist in India. Debates around the tapes and their authenticity have often asked whether they were edited or not, whether they were “spliced” or “fake”. This work asks instead, what further editing or rearrangement might do. What could we hear, in another composition. We are led to a different kind of experience from on the one hand, voyeuristic bytes replayed endlessly on TV and on the other the “data” that has thus far become available publicly. In the film, a broad spectrum of rhetorical devices: lies, cries, memes, schemes, pen drives, bad networks and family feuds, can be heard pulsing through the nervous system of Indian democracy.

Phone audio with text

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Location Code: AV.CAM.HUL
Language: English
Year of Publication: 2012