After Reality

Author: Zhou Tao

…One could quote Robert Bresson, for whom “to create is not to deform or invent persons or things. It is to tie new relationships between persons and things which are and as they are.” Rather than “making”a film, Zhou Tao declares that he “looks for it,” through various places, architectures, people or communities, as they gradually catch his sight.

For After Reality, some images were shot in Guangzhou, China, and others in Paris in abandoned, urban or rural surroundings, in transitional areas, roadside edges or railway banks, all of them similar to what French landscape gardener Gilles Clément refers to as the “Third Landscape.” Thanks to a precise editing in alternating images that were shot in Paris and Guangzhou, Zhou Tao uses the film to create a third space. His gaze rests as much on the biodiversity of these escheated areas as on the performing body that acts, digs, pulls things, trains… In this way the artist shows us a survival community that has escaped all urban planning projects. The exploration of marginal spaces produced by our society allows us to develop alternatives to their way of functioning and to the space we occupy in them.

–Text from “Zhou Tao: The Training”, Kadist Art Foundation, 2013

Single-channel HD video

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Location Code: AV.ZHT.AFR
Year of Publication: 2013