ALTERing NATIVism: Sound Cultures in Post-War Taiwan 造音翻土:戰後台灣聲響文化的探索

Author: LO Jeph(羅悅全), Amy Hueihua CHENG(鄭慧華), HO Tunghung(何東洪)

A five-year research project by TheCube Project Space gives birth to an award-winning exhibition and a 300-page book exploring the alternative music and sound art in post-war Taiwan.

According to curator Amy Cheng (鄭慧華) and music critic Jeph Lo (羅悅全), who co-edited the book together with music critic Ho Tung-hung (何東洪), the 300-page book, which is composed of articles by 26 music critics, artists, and scholars, explores the relationship between music and the country’s democratic development from the beginning of the Martial Law era in 1949 to the present, and examines how musicians and artists reflect on and help shape national identity through their work.

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Organizer: TheCube Project Space
Location Code: REF.LOJ
Language: Chinese - Traditional
Published by: TheCube Cultural (Taipei - Taiwan) Walkers Cultural Enterprise (New Taipei City - Taiwan)
Year of Publication: 2015
No. of Pages: 293
ISBN: 9789865787851