Asia⁄Pacific as Space of Cultural Production

Author: Rob Wilson, M. Consuelo León W., Chris Connery, Lawson Fusao Inada, Epeli Hau′ofa, John Fielder, Chiu Yen Liang, Haunani-Kay Trask, Joseph P. Balaz, Subramani, Albert Wendt, Miriam Fuchs, Christopher Bongie, Terese Svoboda, Tsushima Yuko, Leo Ching, Thomas Carmichael, Peter Schwenger, Theophil Saret Reuney, Arif Dirlik, Steve Olive, John Whittier Treat
Editor: Arif Dirlik, Rob Wilson

The Pacific, long a source of fantasies for EuroAmerican consumption and a testing ground for the development of EuroAmerican production, is often misrepresented by the West as one-dimensional, culturally monolithic. Although the Asia/Pacific region occupies a prominent place in geopolitical thinking, little is available to readers outside the region concerning the resistant communities and cultures of Pacific and Asian peoples. Asia/Pacific as Space of Cultural Production fills that gap by documenting the efforts of diverse indigenous cultures to claim and reimagine Asia/Pacific as a space for their own cultural production.

From New Zealand to Japan, Taiwan to Hawaii, this innovative volume presents essays, poems, and memoirs by prominent Asia/Pacific writers that resist appropriation by transnational capitalism through the articulation of autonomous local identities and counter-histories of place and community. In addition, cultural critics spanning several locations and disciplines deconstruct representations—particularly those on film and in novels—that perpetuate Asia/Pacific as a realm of EuroAmerican fantasy.

This collection, a much expanded edition of boundary 2, offers a new perception of the Asia/Pacific region by presenting the Pacific not as a paradise or vast emptiness, but as a place where living, struggling peoples have constructed contemporary identities out of a long history of hegemony and resistance. Asia/Pacific as Space of Cultural Production will prove stimulating to readers with an interest in the Asia/Pacific region, and to scholars in the fields of Asian, American, Pacific, postcolonial, and cultural studies.

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Location Code: REF.WIR
Language: English
Published by: Duke University Press
Year of Publication: 1995
No. of Pages: 368
ISBN: 978-0-8223-1643-5