Between Screenings 放映間

Between Screenings includes video works created by Taiwanese artist Yi-chi Lin between 2009 and 2020. We can see that Lin’s artistic practice centers around several subject matters, ranging from the marginalized realm of military dependents’ villages in relation to the historical contexts to the migration experience in terms of diasporas in East Asia. The artist excavates her own life events and documentation of her family’s history for further investigation, and then deconstructs and transforms memories, dreams, and oral legends into narrative texts. Through Lin’s mastery of delicately bringing moving images and installation together, the style of her image-based creation shows an enchanting charm. It aims to explore Lin’s art universe in depth by dissecting the thinking behind each inspiring moment and by presenting a detailed analysis of her works. Critical writings on observations of her artistic trajectory by scholars are collected, as well as interviews between Lin and other professionals—both researchers and creative practitioners—in fields such as cinema, theatre, literature, and art history.

Conceptually inspired by a visual experiment, this book attempts to fashion time-based video works onto the two-dimensional pages of a printed publication. It can be seen as durational contents being played or screened as readers flip through the pages, which, in a sense, allows video works to wander off and exist outside the screen. “Between Screenings,” then, is no longer a term confined in a place for screenings to happen. It is further a type of practice as a medium for expanded cinema.