Book of Confusions

Author: Fatoş Üstek

“Book of Confusions, is a special artist’s book written by Fatoş Üstek published to coincide with Heman Chong’s solo exhibition LEM1.

The book incorporates an adult version of a reading game, where pages of the book are to be read according to a sequence to be determined by the throws of a dice (or, the author also suggests, you could cut up the whole book word by word and ‘write’ your own). The book is bound to confuse you (with or without the help of cigarettes and alcohol), demanding your active mental participation in the forms of retrieved memories, reflecting on philosophical questions, and word games.” – Publisher’s flap copy

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Location Code: MON.CHH3
Language: English
Published by: Rossi & Rossi Ltd. (London - UK)
Year of Publication: 2012
No. of Pages: 66
ISBN: 978 1 906576 28 8