CCTV Social

Author: CAMP

Manchester’s Open Street Surveillance, with its Pan-Tilt-Zoom cameras (covering a 3km radius) and systems wired into the surrounding architecture over a decade ago were subject to demonstrations, scrutiny and inquiry by 36 participants. These sessions became somewhat like a diagnostic clinic, where symptoms, anxieties and inoculations about ‘public health’, under surveillance were mediated upon. The therapy sessions seemed to work both ways, for the participants as well as the security officers.

If the analog control room of MMU’s Open Street Surveillance seemed ‘just like 1984’, the CCTV control room of the Arndale Centre bore cold testimony to the much heard myth, ‘the IRA bomb saved Manchester’. The mall was the site of the largest IRA bomb in the UK, (1996) and its rebuilding (to create the largest Mall in UK) was the start of Manchester’s regeneration program.

Single-channel CCTV video

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Location Code: AV.CAM.CCS
Language: English with subtitles
Year of Publication: 2008