Còn Lai Ròi Rac

by Lê Hiền Minh

cover of Còn Lai Ròi Rac

Together with the artist Lê Hiền Minh’s installation Dictionaries (2012), she created a book Còn Lại| Rời Rạc. This object is intended to serve as companion to the installation to further explore memory and its limits. It is a collection of photographs of the artist’s dad’s belongings and writings of her memory of him. During the creation process, Lê Hiền Minh decided to write purely from her own thoughts without the aid of others. She wanted to focus on her own memories because they are increasingly uncertain and one day she won’t be able to distinguish which parts are her own and which are borrowed.

During the process of mak­ing Còn Lại| Rời Rạc, the artist rewrote each recollection many times. She arranged, measured and lined them up carefully, like a map. This map operates like a maze, with old things as well as unknown new things living together. This labyrinth is a place that I want to inhabit. It is also the inspiration for installing the Dictionaries.