Disruptive Desires, Tranquility, and The Loss of Lucidity

Author: Huang Ran

The film “Disruptive Desires, Tranquility, and The Loss of Lucidity” elaborates upon the archetypal love story between two teenagers, whilst colluding with a deeply hidden ominous history underneath. The film tries to secure an ephemeral moment of beauty, while alluding to the illegibility of an experience that is solitary, brutish, nasty, short and pure. The ostensibly tranquil image of the film contradictorily involves an orgiastic approach to delirium and ecstatic perplexity. By substituting a dubious sense of romanticism for any actual image of transgression, Ran Huang urges us to communicate with the incompatibility of our aesthetically value and moral will, at the same time denying this possibility within the same system. The plausible image of beauty suited to our very taste of contemporaneity is ironically secured by the very insecurity that is denied by the aesthetical system itself.

‒ Excerpt from text by Sue Wang, “Disruptive Desires, Tranquility and the Loss of Lucidity–Ran Huang’s First Solo Show at Long March Space”, CAFA Art Info

HD video transferred to Blu-ray DVD
Single-channel video

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Location Code: AV.HUR.DDT
Language: Chinese & English subtitles
Year of Publication: 2012