Double Happiness

Author: Chien-Chi Chang

Marriage brokers recruit young Vietnamese women to come to Ho Chi Minh City where they are viewed by groups of Taiwanese men. Each of them pays a fee to pick a suitable bride from the lineup. Within days of meeting, the couples will be married. By using the medium of photography and video as his artistic medium, in Double Happiness, Chien-Chi Chang offers a series of scenarios following the process of arranged marriage in south-east Asia: from selection and application to all the paperwork and the final ceremony. The images are accompanied by interviews with the brokers, the men and women that take place between the potential bride and grooms as they determine the suitability of their partners.

— Text from Chi-wen Gallery, Taipei, “Chien-Chi Chang: Double Happiness”, 2015

Black & white and color
Single-channel video

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Location Code: AV.CCC.DOH
Language: Chinese with English subtitles
Year of Publication: 2009