Eat a Chili

Author: Wei Weng

‘About Eat A Chili: A Visual Essay

In this hybrid fiction, the human consumption of chili pepper has surged beyond the culinary indulgence of spice. Eat A Chili interweaves a disparate cast of thrill seekers, veering between language and image to reveal a cross-border feast blending the uncanny and emotional synesthesia of the everyday. The result is a science fiction ode to the pleasurable burns kindled by the spiciest of all. This bilingual publication can be read in two languages and in two directions, challenging the usual linearity of the western cultural imagination. With a compilation of images from China, Myanmar, Thailand, Australia, the United States, and Denmark, Eat a Chilifeast upon the ways in which image-making crosses culture and constructs meaning.’— provided by the author

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Location Code: MON.WEW2
Language: English
Published by: Weng Wei
ISBN: 9788797261309