ElectroScape: International new media art exhibition, 電子園林: 國際新媒體藝術展

Editor: Shen Qibin

Catalogue of the inaugural exhibition of Shanghai Zendai Museum of Modern Art in 2005. ‘The term “ElectroScape” proposed in this exhibition seeks to ultimately embrace all sorts of electronic oriented art works and practices up until now, and to present the new realm of Media Arts by magnificently evoking our new eletronic age. In this sense, eventually, this cutting-edge new media art exhibition aims to let the audience be witness today’s electronic era by appreciating new exciting beauties of constantly moving interactive objects, ceaselessly changing shapes, artifical electonic lights, and the vibration and sounds from various audio-visual instruments.’ – extracted from essay by Wonil Rhee. The present catalogue includes preface by Shen Qibin and artist biographies. There is also a section on the various inaugural exhibitions of some of the major museums in the world.

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Organizer: Shanghai Zendai Museum of Modern Art,
Location Code: EX.CHN.ESI
Language: Chinese, English
Published by: Shanghai Zendai Museum of Modern Art, 上海證大現代藝術館 (Shanghai, China)
Year of Publication: 2005
No. of Pages: 174