Ellen Pau: What about Home Affairs? – A Retrospective/當家當當家:鮑藹倫回顧展

This is the exhibition catalogue of Ellen Pau’s first retrospective in Hong Kong at Para Site, curated by Freya Chou. One of Hong Kong’s most influential and pioneering artists, the exhibition features Pau’s multi-faceted artistic practice stemming from the late-1980s to the present, including a selection of video works, archives, and a series of unpublished photographs. Three major video installations—two series of Bik Lai Chu, and Recycling Cinema – are presented in their original formats to illustrate the artist’s unique approach to the medium, within the technological limits of their time of production. In this exhibition, eighteen of Pau’s most representative works are displayed from a media archaeology perspective – through the development of technology, rather than following the traditional chronological order. The exhibition hopes to examine and interpret Pau’s life and politics through this evolution of technological media.