Empire’s Borders II – Western Enterprises, Inc.

Author: Chen Chieh-jen

After withdrawing military aid for Kuomintang forces during the Chinese Civil War, the United States Government later renewed support for the Kuomintang government relocated in Taiwan when the Korean War erupted in 1950 as part of their anti-communist containment policy. The CIA established an operation known as Western Enterprises in cooperation with the Kuomintang in 1951 to train the local Anti-Communist National Salvation Army (NSA) for a surprise attack on Mainland China. These actions, along with other projects, transformed Taiwan into a base for anti-communist operations in East Asia.

The inspiration for Chen Chieh-jen’s Empire’s Borders II – Western Enterprises, Inc. came from items left by Chen’s father, a former NSA soldier, when he passed away. These items included a partially fictitious autobiography, a list of soldiers whose assault ship were sunk by Chinese People’s Liberation Army and lost their lives at sea during a surprise NSA attack on mainland China, a photo album with its pictures removed and an old military uniform.

‒ Excerpt from text by ART Hong Kong, “Chen Chieh-jen” exhibition, 2011

1:10:05 (single-channel video) / 00:05:44 (2-channel video)
Black & white
35mm transferred to Blu-ray
3-channel video installation

Location Code: AV.CCJ.EBT
Year of Publication: 2010