Author: Chen Chieh-jen

Due to Cold War relations and low-cost manpower, Taiwan became one of the major manufacturing centres of the world in the 1960s. Yet in the 1990s, Taiwan’s intensive manufacturing industry began to move abroad to other areas with cheaper labour. For this reason, factories in Taiwan began to close down, and to lay off large numbers of workers.

In 2003 I invited some women textile workers, whom I had accidentally met to return to the Lien Fu garment factory where they had worked for over two decades and which had been abandoned for seven years, to make this short film. Seven years before, company owners closed the plant in an unscrupulous manner, refusing to pay retirement pensions and severance payments. Although a fierce protest movement erupted at the time, to this day the problem remains unresolved, and the factory continues in its derelict state.

‒ Text by the artist

00:14:12 / 00:30:50
Continuous loop
Super 16mm transferred to DVD
Single-channel video


Location Code: AV.CCJ.FAC
Year of Publication: 2003