Half the Sky- Women in the New Art of China/ 半邊天-中國當代女性藝術展

Author: 刘曼文(Liu Manwen),于静洋(Yu Jingyang),向京(Xiang Jing),曹斐(Cao Fei),林菁菁(Lin Jingjing),陈秋林(Chen Qiulin),姜杰(Jiang Jie),陶艾民(Tao Aimin),张鸥(Zhang Ou),尹秀珍(Yin Xiuzhen),崔岫闻(Cui Xiuwen),陈庆庆(Chen Qingqing),韩娅娟( Han Yajuan),胡晓媛(Hu Xiaoyuan),何唯娜(He Weina),施慧(Shi Hui),肖鲁(Xiao Lu),刘俐蕴(Liu Liyun), 宋琨(Song Kun),冰逸(Bing Yi),徐晓燕(Xu Xiaoyan),齐鹏(Qi Peng),刑丹文(Xing Danwen)

It has been decades since Mao Zedong set communist ideology by proclaiming that women “hold up half the sky,” and yet Chinese women artists have yet to receive the attention they deserve on the world stage.  Half the Sky attempts to redress this situation by representing a cross-section of gifted women artists currently working in China and across the Chinese diaspora.

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Organizer: Leonard Pearlstein Gallery, Drexel University
Location Code: EX.CHN.HSW
Language: Chinese (Simplified), English
Published by: National Art Museum of China, Drexel University, U.S.A
Year of Publication: 2011