In the Sky

Author: Qiu Anxiong

The artist spent a whole year finishing thousands of original paintings. Each painting is captured by digital camera and transferred into computer for making the animation. It is done in the most traditional 2D animation technique.

The animation is in black and white and can be appreciated as a moving ink scroll. We can see trees, rocks, mountains and rivers emerge on the whiteness brush by brush, which reminds us of the magic of the birth of the earth; long-shaped creatures with transparent wings flying in the sky, leading us to free the soul from busy urban life; an aeroplane cuts off the tranquility of the nature, crashing onto the inky pasture and burns to ashes; a giant mouse drilled out from a hill piled up by waste material, an explosion follows and blows up things into small fragments which scatter in the sky; and finally nature is once again back to its original quietness and lightness.

Single-channel video

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Location Code: AV.QAX.ITS
Language: No Dialogue
Year of Publication: 2005