Ink History

Author: Chen Shaoxiong

It is physically impossible to record history to reflect what actually transpired. And it would literally take a century to show a film that tells the history of a century, if each and every detail is to be depicted.  According to Borges, the size of a city map would be as large as the city itself if every inch of land is accurately mapped. In our education, history is deliberately misinterpreted, randomly deleted and repeatedly distorted. In my “Ink History” I offer viewers the opportunity to make their own historical interpretations, based solely on the silent documentary imagery I opt to make available. In producing “Ink History”, my task was to download Chinese historical photographs from the internet and retell these stories in a silent way, using my drawings to record these events with ink and brush. In my “Ink History” video, it only takes three minutes to retell a hundred years of history, and everything else fades away with the passing of time as if these events never happened.

― Text by the artist

Betacam SP & Uncompressed MOV
Single-channel video

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Location Code: AV.CSX2.INH
Language: No Dialogue
Year of Publication: 2008-2010