Invisible City: Liverpool Top 9

Author: Tsui Kuang-Yu

This film was commissioned by Liverpool Biennial in 2006. In the process of exploring Liverpool’s urban transformation, I found a lot of spaces and facilities that are vaguely defined in the old urban plans.  These weird spaces are like mysteries scattered over the city, waiting to be disclosed or changed at an appropriate time. The project continues the core concept of city spirit – through observation and behavioural interposition, the possibilities of the co-existence of city and surroundings are brought forward.  Also, on the premise that no changes to the present surroundings will be made, through a form of urban tour, an interpretation is made of these locations from the artist’s point of view.  The link between functions and meanings is removed to readdress the relationship between people and life spaces.

—From the artist’s portfolio

UK & Taiwan
Single-channel video

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Location Code: AV.TKY.INC3
Language: English, text in English; title and subtitles in Chinese (Traditional) and English
Year of Publication: 2006