Invisible City: Taiparis York

Author: Tsui Kuang-Yu

This work is a continuation of the “Invisible City” series developed in 2006. Redirecting his focus to his home country, Tsui attempts to find possibilities to transplanted cultural symbols – including the Statue of Liberty, Eiffel Tower, Arch of Triumph and so on – in his home country of Taiwan. Beginning from a close shot, the viewer is led to believe that the scene is set against a famous international tourist attraction. As the camera pulls away, however, the viewer is surprised to find that the scene is in fact located in Taiwan.

By staging these deceptive performances, the artist attempts to question the association between the existence of these exotic sites and the environment we inhabit while bridging the reality and the hopes and yearnings people harbour for exoticism. Contrary to conveniently closing the distance between Taiwan and other countries, these transplanted symbols have in fact created a gap far greater than assumed. They exist in a floating, vacuous state, lacking any meaningful clue.

Each channel 00:01:05
Four-channel video

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Location Code: AV.TKY.INC4
Language: No dialogue; title in Chinese (Traditional) and English
Year of Publication: 2008