Author: CAMP (Shaina Anand)

KhirkeeYaan is an exploration of an open-circuit tv system as a local area network communication, micro-media generation and feedback device.

It employed security apparatus,otherwise used for surveillance and ‘secret’ use. Television sets and cheap surveillance equipment, coupled with an RF modulator, mics, audio mixer and metres of coax cable were laid out to form collaborative conversation systems for the ‘use’ of the community-at-large. TV’s and electricity, consent and participation were sourced on-site(s) often drawing from a multitude of sources.

Four sets of cameras, TVs and mics were planted within a 200 metre radius of each other. The cameras sat on top of the TVs and the audio-video from the four views were connected to a quad processor and audio mixer. This quadrant comprising of sound and image from all four locations was fed back to the TVs, allowing the subject/viewer/performer/audience to interact with others in the frame. Video became the ‘site’ for these interactions and conversations.

Single-channel video

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Location Code: AV.CAM.KHI
Language: Hindi with English subtitles
Year of Publication: 2006