Ky Hoa Viet Nam Dau The Ky 20 – Vietnamese Woodcuts at the Beginning of the 20th Century: The Techniques of the Annamese People. Encyclopedia of all the Instruments, utencils of all the Gestures of the Life & Crafts if the Tonkin Annamese

Author: Nguyen Manh Hung

This publication covers the breath of what it means to be Vietnamese in terms of customs, traditions, superstitions, proverbs and way of life, as transmitted from the ancient times via illustrations & commentaries. Delightfully illustrated with native art works. “A unique cultural treasure recently rediscovered after more than a half a century in oblivion.” This marvelous encyclopaedia illustrates the true gentle nature of the Vietnamese under the ancientChinese influence, which still shows Chinese characters in these classic prints. They show the Vietnamese tradesmen,scholars, women, children all at their daily activities, and loaded with wit, wisdom,knowledge and the knack to crystallize life’s lessons in a few words.

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Location Code: REF.NMH
Language: Vietnamese, English
Year of Publication: 1989
No. of Pages: 204