Manual Práctico Para Sobornar A Un Polícia En Colombia | A Manual, How to Bribe A Cop in Colombia | 哥倫比亞警察行賄手冊

Author: Yunyu Shih

A Manual, How to Bribe a Cop in Colombia is an artist book by Yunyu “Ayo” Shih published by 4-18 in Colombia in 2016. A Manual, How to Bribe a Cop in Colombia is divided into two parts, including a guide and an appendix. In the guide, information is provided so that the reader can identify the varying stages of a police bribe and can act appropriately in case they find themselves stopped by an officer. Case studies are presented which exemplify when a police officer is using terms and body language inviting a bribe. In the appendix, a list of common bribe terms is given as well as the types of tickets used in Colombia. The book ends with thirty testimonies, which provide the reader with several situations where the information in the manual is used and contextualized. A Manual, How to Bribe a Cop in Colombia, is primarily focused on traffic violations in Bogotá, however the information in the manual can be applied anywhere in Colombia.

Yunyu “Ayo” Shih is an artist who lives and works in Taipei and New York. He holds a BA in History from the National Taiwan University, an MFA in sculpture from the Art Institute of Chicago, and was a resident at the Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture in 2014. Shih’s work focuses on the space where the artist is situated. Often moving, the artist’s practice has thus evolved as a series of suitcases or containers which act as time and space capsules for each particular place. A Manual, How to Bribe a Cop in Colombia is no different, as this book was produced while the artist was living in Colombia, during a residency at 4-18.

A Manual, How to Bribe a Cop in Colombia was published by 4-18 and edited by Felipe Rodríguez, Nicolás R. Melo. 4-18 is a non-profit organization based in Colombia which promotes critical thinking, interdisciplinary relationships and horizontal languages. The projects produced under 4-18 often weave artistic, environmental, sociopolitical, scientific, and athletic dimensions in order to address problems which affect a specific community of people. Their greatest interest lies in visualizing and supporting processes of social cohesion which seek to preserve the environment and traditional realms of knowledge.

A Manual, How to Bribe a Cop in Colombia is designed by Santiago Rodríguez, perfect bound, and printed with color images and illustrations. This book includes text in English, Spanish, and Chinese.

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Location Code: REF.SHY
Language: English, Chinese, Spanish
Published by: 4-18 editorial
Year of Publication: 2016