Memorial: An Installation with Photographs and Sculpture 1993

Author: Vivan Sundaram

Featured in the catalogue are installations dealing with the metaphor of death, created by Vivan Sundaram in 1993. According to Ashish Rajadhyaksha, ‘As recently as three years ago, Vivan Sundaram was described by a colleague as firmly implanted in an oil-painting tradition “inherited from the grandest years of European Figurative painting”. If until recently, he was able to extend that legacy to become the only Indian artist to consistently provide a political record for his times, to adhere to an art committed to moving society in a socialist direction without reducing the complexity of the issues/languages at stake, then that too was from a grand tradtion: committed, as it was, also to the idea of the work of art.’ With artist biography.

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Organizer: AIFACS Galleries (New Delhi - India), Sakshi Gallery (Mumbai - India)
Location Code: MON.SUV
Language: English
Published by: Project Space Tate Modern (London - UK) and Khoj International Artists' Association (New Delhi - India)
Year of Publication: 1993
No. of Pages: 18