Paintings by Irene Chou / 周綠雲畫展

Author: Irene Chou / 周綠雲

This is the catalogue of Irene Chou’s solo exhibition at Hanart 2 Gallery in 1989. To give an overview of Chou’s artistic development in the 80s, Chang Tsong-zung wrote, ‘In recent years Irene Chou’s paintings have become progressively freer and bolder. Sweeping brush strokes traverse the landscapes, as though she has returned to the beginning of brush painting where the single stroke opens up an entire universe. Starting from the earth-shaking brush mark, she builds her world, laboriously and painstakingly, brick upon brick, until an entire vision is complete. With her personal stylistic idioms she has opened up new horizons for ink painting and re-affirmed the role of the artist as the creator of the world.’ A biography of the artist is included in the present catalogue.


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Venue: Hong Kong
Location Code: MON.CHI
Language: English, Chinese (traditional)
Published by: Hanart 2 Gallery, Hong Kong
Year of Publication: 1989