Paris Syndrome

Author: Jun Yang

A film on longing for something. Paris Syndrome is a psychological disorder, diagnosed on Japanese working or on vacation in Paris. It is a traumata arriving from the inability to reconcile between their dream-image and the harsh reality of Paris. Paris as a fairy-tale city, as the city of love, a city of charming Frenchmen. A kind of negative cultural shock.

Dream/Simulation/Image/Wish meets Reality/the Real World.
Shot in residential areas in Guangzhou (China); where both the environment and the two protagonist seem lost and stuck; lost in context and in time, placed in a world of some past, another utopia or a stage-set of a movie. A reality that becomes an image, frozen; no past, present or future.
Paris Syndrome, is the title for a group of works produced since 2007; including amongst others a café and a hotel “Paris Syndrom” at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Leipzig (Galerie für Zeitgenössische Kunst Leipzig); an installation at Vitamin Creative Space Guangzhou, a proposal for a public space at the CIGE art fair Beijing, or recently an outdoor cinema in Sharjah.

Courtesy artist and Galerie Martin Janda, Vitamin Creative Space, ShugoArts

selected exhibition list (video only)
2013 People’s Park, The Cube, Taipei (TW); Anguish & Enthusiasm: What Do You Do With Your Revolution Once You’ve Got It?, Cornerhouse, Manchester (UK)
2012 Pilot Micro Multiplex | Mall, Sharjah Art Foundation, Sharjah (AE) + installation tiles; The Other’s Other, Artspace, Sydney (AU)
2010 Welt als Kulisse, Galerie im Traxispalais, Innsbruck (AT) + installation plants; Forum Biennial 2010, Taipei Contemporary Art Center, Taipei, (TW)
2009 Discoveries, Sh Contemporary, Shanghai Art Fair, Shanghai (CN) + installation tiles
2008 Where the lions are, Para-site, Hong Kong (CN); Eurasia, Mart – Museo di Arte Moderna e Contemporanea di Trento e Rovereto, Rovereto (IT) + installation plants; Paris Syndrome Public Space, CIGE Art Fair Beijing (CN) + installation tiles; Paris Syndrome, Vitamin Creative Space, Guangzhou (CN) + installation tiles and plants





DV transferred to HD

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Venue: China
Location Code: AV.YAJ.PAS
Language: No dialogue, English and Chinese text plates
Year of Publication: 2007-08