Prologue — as Above, so Below (Channel 1)

Author: Chen Yin-Ju

This is the first phase of her recent artistic practice from a long running project – Prologue – as Above, so Below.

Based on her recent operation and its accompanying medical issues, Chen Yin-Ju is embracing science and pseudoscience, and exploring Paracelsus’ idea of the mystery of the macrocosm (nature) and the microcosm (human).

This practice is an extension of themes from her previous project as a continuing exploration of the notion of “cosmic/ human connectedness.” Here the initial focus will be on the human body before widening the view onto the infinite cosmos.

“Prologue – as Above, so Below” will be presented as a video installation, supplemented with printings and drawings.

This ongoing project integrates cosmology vs. astrology and modern medicine vs. alchemy, to discuss of the ideas of perfection, transformation, and the relationship between humanity and the cosmos.

US & Taiwan
Black & white and color
Two-channel video installation

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Location Code: AV.CYJ.PAA
Language: No dialogue
Year of Publication: 2013