Promenade in Asia

Author: CHUNG Seoyoung(정서영), CHU Chiahua(朱嘉樺), Atsushi HOSOI(細井篤), HUANG Rui(黃銳), LU Zhirong (RongRong 榮榮), Ai IIJIMA(飯島愛), Wakako KAWAKAMI(川上和歌子), KU Shihyung(顧世勇), Minako NISHIYAMA(西山美なコ), PARK Hongchun(박홍천), YAO Juichung(姚瑞中), WANG Junjieh(王俊傑), WANG Qingsong(王慶松), WANG Teyu(王德瑜)

This material was published in conjunction with the exhibition of the same title, which took place in two different venues simultaneously. The exhibitions brought together contemporary art artists from four East Asian countries: Japan, Korea, Taiwan and China. As mentioned in the Introduction by the organizers, the exhibition was intended for communications between the two museums. Comprised of two volumes, one includes reference images, essays, and the artists’ biographies, and the other includes pictures of the exhibition site and artists’ statements. Subtitles of the exhibitions were as follows: After Kitsch (Shiseido Gallery venue) and Cute (Art Tower Mito venue).

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Organizer: Shiseido Gallery; Contemporary Art Gallery, Art Tower Mito
Location Code: EX.JAP.PRA
Language: English, Japanese
Published by: Shiseido Gallery, Tokyo, Japan; Contemporary Art Gallery, Art Tower Mito, Mito, Japan
Year of Publication: 2001