Qing Jing Jing

Author: Hungchih Peng

Peng began the Canine Monk series using Asian religious texts. Here, the dog takes on the role of purveyor of a holy message. These works often address tranquility and calm and the sanctity of nature. “Qingjing Jing”is the most popular Taoist scripture in Chinese Society. The text is believed to have been written by an unknown Taoist priest using the name of Lao-Tzu during the Tang Dynasty (618–907 A.D.). The text refers to the dichotomous ordering of the world: heaven is pure; the earth turbid, masculine is active; feminine at rest, etc. Taoism teaches to follow life’s path, accepting one’s essential and original nature. The dog seems like the ideal purveyor of such a message.

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Location Code: AV.HCP.QJJ
Language: English Text
Year of Publication: 2004