Rubbing the City: Beautiful Dirty Bubble

Author: Tsui Kuang-Yu

For this video, I first created a bubble machine that runs on the exhaust of buses. The goal was to transform these passenger-carrying city buses, tourist buses, or trucks into mobile bubble machines that criss-cross the city, coating the dirty city air with the beauty of imaginative possibilities. Similar to the various objects that fill our daily lives, I am optimistic that through this transformation and whitewash, this imperfection can in fact become a street bubble show reverie. At the same time, through this symbolic contrast, I try to ask: Behind this sugar-coated rhetoric of modern day life, what is it that ultimately shapes and drives our lives? And do we have the ability to imagine or even create a relationship between this system of life and ourselves?

—From the artist’s portfolio

Work 00:07:08
Documentation: 00:14:23
Single-channel video

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Location Code: AV.TKY.RCB
Language: Title in Chinese (Traditional) and English Documentation text in English
Year of Publication: 2012