Samson Young: A Dark Theme Keeps Me Here, I’ll Make a Broken Music

Author: Christoph Cox, Holger Schulze, Jasmina Merz, Samson Young
Editor: Jasmina Merz, Anna Brohm, Gregor Jansen

The Kunsthalle D sseldorf presents the first institutional solo exhibition of the Hong Kong artist Samson Young (*1979) in Germany and Europe.Young studied music, philosophy and gender studies at the University of Sydney and earned his doctorate in composition at Princeton. From this audio-based perspective he designs not only music but also installations, performances, drawings, walks and films.His musical and sculptural works often include very concrete historical references and deal with places of conflict. Each of his projects entails a large amount of investigation and field research. Sounds and music are used as a vehicle for the reappraisal and representation of historical events, but are also the core of an independent aesthetic experience that requires no further explanation.Accompanies the exhibition Samson Young: A dark theme keeps me here, I’ll make a broken music, 17 Dec 2016 – 5 March 2017, Kunsthalle D sseldorf, Germany. Cu rat ed by Jas mi na Merz.English and German text.

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Language: German, English
Published by: Verlag für moderne Kunst
Year of Publication: 2017
No. of Pages: 154
ISBN: 9783903153127