Seoul Fiction

Author: Jun Yang

2010 | Super16mm Film on HD, Sound | Korean with English subtitles | 15’
Co-produced with Samuso:, Seoul

Seoul Fiction follows an old couple on a bus-ride to visit their children in the city. They move from countryside (Gonju area and the ‘future’ capital city Sejong) to the big city (present capital Seoul), passing endless bed-cities and suburban apartment complexes.
Buildings that resemble each other, expressing the rise and transformation of South Korea in the recent years. Observing through the bus window the changes of landscape, reflecting on these changes of the city and the country. A reality that looks abstract and a past that is in the future.
A re-examination of history and the re-writting of it.
The journey refers to Ozu’s “Tokyo Story” (a film in which a journey itself is not shown), the set as a reference to Tati’s “Playtime” and its ‘Tativille’. Both films express the rapid changes of society in their respective time and country; uncertainty and abstraction that changes and progress bring along. A reference to Resnais’ “Last Year in Marienbad” where the line between the past, present and future disappears and blurs. It is the final part of the trilogy on memory together with “A Short-Story on Forgetting and Remembering” and “Norwegian Woods”.

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Location Code: AV.YAJ.SEF
Language: Korean
Year of Publication: 2010