Stolen Times for Sale

Author: Silas Fong

We are merchants
Everyday we purchase
Time for money Money for time

I sell the stolen times
For reasonable price

Silas Fong is the first merchant in Hong Kong, for giving customers outstanding value for money, the highest quality in fresh time.

The performer steals time from strangers through pressing the button of elevators. The stolen times are recorded as video and are being exhibited in a gallery. Visitors can purchase and take away these times, which are extracted into a CD with money from the performer. According to the duration, number of people involved, their approximate age, appearance and response, prices for stolen times are different. The video sequences once sold are replaced by “SOLD – XX SECONDS FOR $XXX”, and are being shown together with the unsold ones.

HD Video
Single -channel video

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Location Code: AV.FOS.STS
Language: Text in English
Year of Publication: 2011