The Next Round is True Life

Author: Huang Ran

The title The Next Round is True Life was inspired by a line in the film Traffic. The function of eating becomes a metaphor in my work. You eat in order to get energy for life, but when you eat bubble gum it is the opposite – you waste energy chewing it. At the beginning it is very tasty, but this flavour fades away. As the gum is passed between the men in the video it becomes a material of communication. We carry on the same action, but the meaning is fading away until only the image of communication is left behind. In life we always draw very clear boundaries around stuff, but the image underneath is really blurred. This title is ironic in a sense with regard to hope for the future, culture and politics as well. Actually, I think the internet is perfect because you can see all kinds of things happening there; it gives you a certain amount of freedom to do whatever you want. There’s no promise of the future, it’s just about right here, right now. It’s very ephemeral; things are exchanged very quickly, and without meaning. There is a kind of deathlike quality there, like the repetition of death, a kind of transcendence.

‒ Excerpt from interview with artist by Iona Whittaker, “500 Words: Huang Ran”, Artforum

Single-channel HD video

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Location Code: AV.HUR.TNR
Year of Publication: 2009