The Stars Artists: Pioneers of Chinese Contemporary Art 1979-2000 / 星星藝術家: 中國當代藝術的先鋒1979-2000

Author: Silvia Fok/霍少霞

The present publication provides a comprehensive account of the seminal Stars Art Movement (1979-1980) in China. With analysis of its impact and a section on the artistic development of the members of Stars Group since 1980.

Artists: AI Weiwei, 艾未未, Bo Yun, 薄雲, GAN Shaocheng, 甘少誠, HUANG Rui, 黃銳, MA Desheng, 馬德升, MAO Lizi, 毛栗子, QU Leilei, 曲磊磊, SHAO Fei, 邵飛, Shuang LI, 李爽, WANG Keping, 王克平, YAN Li, 嚴力, YANG Yiping, 楊益平, YIN Guangzhong, 尹光中

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Location Code: REF.FOS
Language: Chinese - Traditional
Published by: Artist Publishing, 藝術家出版社 (Taipei, Taiwan)
Year of Publication: 2007
No. of Pages: 224
ISBN: 9867034538 / 9789867034533