The Story of Hoping Island

Author: Hsu Chia Wei

The Story of Hoping Island was shot in a shipyard on Hoping Island in Keelung, which has 88 years of history. During the Japanese occupation of Taiwan, it was the Japanese government’s southernmost shipyard, and it supported southward expansion. After the retrocession of Taiwan, the shipyard played a key role in Taiwan’s economic takeoff. This shipyard represents a highly compressed, symbolic timeframe, from WWII to now. It reflects how the locals identify themselves based on their specific, local histories, and at the same time, how the national government encodes and directs history. To support this history, complicated traditions and myths are continually developing. In this video, an artist-created creature, Ni-Ku, is the only element that connects the narrative. With its light-like immateriality, the work transforms an immense and heavy history into a legend.

Single-channel video installation

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Location Code: AV.HCW.SHI
Language: Japanese, with English and Chinese (Traditional) subtitles
Year of Publication: 2008