The Taipei Biennial of Contemporary Art 1992, 一九九二台北現代美術雙年展

cover of The Taipei Biennial of Contemporary Art 1992 / 一九九二台北現代美術雙年展

In order to promote modern and contemporary art, starting in 1984 and until 1991 the Taipei Fine Arts Museum hosted the exhibition projects ‘Contemporary Art trends in the R.O.C’ and ‘An Exhibition of Contemporary Chinese Sculpture in the Republic of China’ on alternate years. In 1992, these two exhibitions were consolidated to form ‘The Taipei Biennial of Contemporary Art’, which was the precursor to the Taipei Biennial that everyone is familiar with today.

The biennial has broadened Taiwan’s artistic vision, its professional, exhibition-organisation ability, and its exposure in the international media. The Taipei Biennial has become a primary symbol of Taiwan’s contemporary art development and international artistic exchange.