The Turner Archives

Author: Chen Yin-Ju & James T. Hong

This work presents the world of a fictional, American white supremacist named Earl Turner. Trained as an electrical engineer, Turner is a rabid racist who works to overthrow and destroy the multicultural, United States government. The multimedia installation is presented from Turner’s perspective.

The video room presents some of Turner’s own film and video footage. On one screen, his lens captures images of racial and ethnic borders, with particular emphasis on the border between California and Mexico, which he sees as broken and needing a permanent solution. On the second screen, Turner’s lens focuses on aspects of American life that Turner hates, such as multiculturalism, people of color, and typical “brainwashed” Americans.

US & Taiwan
Video Channel 1 & 2: Approx. 5 mins
Sound: 20 mins
Black & white
Double-channel video installation

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Location Code: AV.CYJ.TTA
Language: No dialogue, title in English
Year of Publication: 2011