Zhongguo Meishu Jiaoyu / 中國美術教育

Collection of Essays in Memory of Xu Beihong

The Art Department of Nanjing Normal University, formerly the Art Department of Central University, was the place where Beihong worked at the height of his energy. After his return from studying in France in 1927, he was soon hired to teach there for 19 years. He had to leave only in 1946, when he became president of the Beiping Art College. During the nineteen years, he established a rigorous teaching system with realistic teaching methods and emphasized hard basic training. He advocated that art should exhaust the wonders of creation, explore the realities of life, depict life and reflect the times. With his extremely responsible spirit, he taught students according to their abilities, and as a result, many of them became artists and backbones of teaching in the Chinese art world, making great contributions to the development of Chinese art.