Arrow Factory: The Next Four Years Book Launch

When 10 Jan 2016
3:00PM - 7:00PM
103 Eldridge St
New York, NY 10002
United States

Book Launch: Sunday, January 10, 3-7pm

What is a “good institution”?

Guest Artists: Wang Wei & Rania Ho

Due to the special circumstances of Practice, we will meet visitors at 111 Eldridge St. and lead them to the space at the following times:


Please arrive at the times specified, or call: 443-851-9691 / 347-495-7496

PRACTICE, founded in 2015, is an independent project led by three artists Jingwen He, Cici Wu, and Wang Xu. PRACTICE is located on the top floor of a Cantonese building in the Lower East Side (Chinatown), New York.

Not only is it our studio, it is also an exhibition space that welcomes migrating friends passing by the city to live in and work on their projects for free. We collect and sell independently published books, as well as artist’s playthings.

Arrow Factory

Founded in 2008, Arrow Factory is one of the longest standing, fully independent, non-commercial art spaces in Beijing. Located in a narrow alley inside the city center, this 15 square meter space spearheads various forms of site-oriented artistic display, collaboration and experimentation by local and international contemporary artists. Arrow Factory: The Next Four Years comprehensively documents the twenty-two projects mounted in this reclaimed storefront between March 2011 and May 2015. This follow-up publication features new perspectives from organizers of influential artist-run initiatives around the world, and is structured around the elemental question: What is a good institution? Through these views and others, Arrow Factory: The Next Four Years offers a window into the diverse conditions that shape China’s current cultural climate.

with projects by:
A DIAO DUI |OVA Art Lab OVA |Osman BOZKURT | COLLECTIVE Gallery |FANG Lu |HE An | Elaine W. HO &  Rania HO | HU Xiangqian |INSTANT HUTONG | JIAO Yingqi | LEE Kit |  LI Yueyang| LIANG Shuo |  LIANG Yue | LIU Wei | LIU Yin | Museum of Unknown | PiST/// | SHI Qing | SONG Ta | Ray WU with Orianna CACHIONNE+Alessandro ROLANDI | YEH Wei-li with LI Mo+KONG | ZHUANG Hui

featuring Essays by:
Elaine W. HO | Zulu KAGEYAMA |Didem ÖZBEK | SHI Qing

conversations with:
CHEN Tong |HU Xiangqian |LI Jinghu & LI Yueyang

Photo courtesy of the organiser/s

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