Artist Talk with Yoon Chung Han

When 20 Sep 2019
6:00PM - 8:00PM
Where The Sylvia Wald & Po Kim Gallery
417 Lafayette Street
New York, NY 10003
United States
Enquiry 212.598.1155

Presented in the exhibition Technoimagination: Living Data, Yoon Chung Han’s Eyes is an interactive biometric data art installation that transforms human iris data into musical sound and 3D animated images. In this interactive installation, Han seeks to allow participants to explore their own identities through the unique visual images and sounds generated from their iris patterns using iris recognition techniques and sound synthesis. In the process, aesthetically beautiful and mesmerizing artwork, derived from the human body, is created through individual experience and multisensory interaction.

Biometric data reveals fascinating stories not only through the genetic information it provides, but also in its potential to explore narratives in relation to others, culture or society. While the body of biometric patterns provides a way to assess and distinguish individual identity, the techniques used to measure such patterns allow for standardization and loss of identity. Sonic interpretations of iris data could lead to new systems of measurement through the creation of one’s own “sonic signature,” possibly triggering new methods of interaction in the fields of art and science.

Eyes has featured in major international conferences and exhibitions including ISEA 2019 Asia Culture Center (Gwangju, Korea), ACM CHI 2019 (Glasgow, UK) and Currents New Media (Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA).

This event is in conjunction with the Korean Media Arts Festival 2019: Technoimagination, taking place between August 8th and October 26th, 2019.

Image: Yoon Chung Han, Eyes, 2018, interactive art installation, 3D-printed objects.

For more information about the festival please click here, and RSVP for the artist talk here.