Asia Week San Francisco Bay Area

When 30 Sep 2016 - 8 Oct 2016

Taking place in the first week of every October, Asia Week San Francisco Bay Area brings together Asian art galleries, auction houses, museums, and cultural institutions, for a series of events celebrating Asian art and culture. The mission of Asia Week San Francisco Bay Area is to establish a broad platform to showcase and promote Asian art, further fostering appreciation for cultural diversity.

Asia Week San Francisco Bay Area focuses on presenting premier quality programs including exhibitions, auctions, lectures, seminars, curator and artist talks, film screenings, performances, and a featured annual symposium. The week’s planned events will engage dealers, artists, scholars, collectors and enthusiasts of Asian art, while also creating opportunities for the general public to discover new artworks and culturally distinct points of view within their communities.

For the up-to-date events calendar and a complete list of participants and partners, please visit: