Chang Yuchen and Brian Rush: Loom

When 16 Mar 2019 - 23 Jun 2019
Where Lyeberry HQ, Brooklyn
250 Greenpoint Avenue, 4F
Brookyn, NY 11222
United States

Performance: How slow will we appear some day? June 9, 7-9PM

Originally people did not wear clothes, for they did not know how to weave. The first weaver was a girl named Hambrumai, who was taught the art by the god Matai. She sat by the river and watched the waves and ripples on its surface and imitated them in her designs. She lay in the forest looking up at the patterns woven by the braches of trees, the leaves of bamboo; she saw ferns and plants and flowers, and from these things learned other designs.

*legend of Kaman Mishmis

Chang Yuchen (China, 1989) works in an interdisciplinary manner, perceiving embroidery as drawing, weaving as writing, clothes as portable theater, and installation as moving image. Her works have been shown at Assembly Room (New York), Salt Project (Beijing), Chambers Fine Art (New York) and etc. Yuchen is currently an artist in residence at Museum of Art and Design, New York.

Brian Rush’s work employs reclaimed materials, traditional printmaking, and cast objects. His sculptural installations blend fantastical visions of the natural world with raw fragments of our constructed environment. His work has been shown at The Suburban, Milwaukee, WI; Free Range, Chicago, IL; Circle Contemporary, Chicago, IL; Unisex Salon, Brooklyn, NY; Japanese American Museum, Los Angeles, CA;  and Abacot Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

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